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Injury and Recovery

Since ancient history, humans have been infatuated with the idea of competition and sport. For example, the Roman Coliseum, the Olympics, and even allusions to sports in the Bible. Today, sports have become an influential and social event for many individuals. Fans love the competition setting; the roaring sound of the crowd, the anticipation before […]

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Persistence: The bridge between Failure and Success

When you think of the most strenuous training, pushing the body and the mind beyond what seems possible, one group comes immediately to mind: The United States Navy SEALS. A retired SEAL and Admiral of the Navy, William H. McRaven, gave a speech about the hardships of the strenuous training all SEALs must go through. […]

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Thank You Dad: Lessons in Life and Sport

By Jordan Johnson “You can always rebound aggressively and you can always play tough defense.” I climbed into the front seat of my dad’s truck and tossed my sweaty gym bag into the back seat. We had just finished basketball practice, and we were headed home for dinner. I had a sixth grade basketball tournament […]

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