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Premier Mindset Assessment

Before beginning the Premier Mindset Program, it’s important to establish your baseline and unlock your potential with the Premier Mindset Assessment. This comprehensive evaluation tool examines five fundamental areas that are pivotal for both mental wellness and performance optimization. Take the assessment to understand how you are doing in these five key areas, and how your scores compare to a diverse pool of over 500 competitors, spanning from amateur enthusiasts to seasoned professionals and Olympic champions.

Please note that clicking this link will take you to a new webpage. After completing the assessment please navigate back to this webpage for the Premier Mindset Program.

Premier Mindset Program

Elevate your mental game with our Premier Mindset Program (PMP). This cutting-edge e-learning course focuses on harnessing the core mental skills directly linked to performance enhancement. Regardless of your prior experience with sport psychology, the PMP provides athletes of all levels with a user-friendly resource to turbocharge their mental skills.

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