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Premier's elite athletes are taking their game to the next level. Our MINDSET TRAINING PROGRAM helps to build consistency and confidence, enhance focus and awareness, and develop and utilize the mental skills proven to impact performance.

Get in on the ground floor of the first eLearning course of its kind: offered directly from some of the most highly credentialed and experienced sport psychologists in the country to athletes and coaches of all ages and stripes. From Mindset Fundamentals like Focus, Motivation and Imagery, to Complex Psychological Skills and States like Emotional Regulation, Mindful Behavior and Confidence, the Mindset Training Program will take users sequentially through six modules of mindset skill training, including over 60 pages of interactive text and exercises, and nearly two hours of instructional video (and growing).
$199 for a single user license. As an added incentive for early entry, all of our introductory users will receive lifetime access to the Mindset Training Program for no additional cost—this includes all of our current and future content—so your mindset training can grow and expand as we continue to develop new material. Future licenses will expire after one year, so take advantage of this offer for limitless mindset skill training.

Join today, and learn the techniques that some of today's most successful athletes are using to take their game to a Premier level!

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