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The six modules you see on our Premier Mindset Program homepage comprise our comprehensive Mindset Training system.  Along the top row are the psychological fundamentals of your mindset: Focus, Motivation and Imagery training.  Beneath them are the complex psychological states that will increase your mental readiness and enhance your performance: Emotional Regulation, Mindful Behavior and Confidence.  While each of these modules is designed to be tackled independently—allowing you to begin the program wherever you’d like—we encourage you to move through the program sequentially, beginning with the fundamentals before progressing to the complex psychological states.

It’s common for athletes to enter sport psychology with a particular outcome in mind, be it to feel more confident, to minimize competitive anxieties, or to better manage emotions during play.  But we often find that achieving these goals is a cumulative process that begins with an understanding of the fundamentals, and the very patterns we are attempting to “re-wire” through mental training.  The program will work for you no matter how, or in what order, you approach it, but you can minimize setbacks and accelerate your development by beginning at the proverbial “beginning” (in this case, our Focus module), and moving with patience and persistence through its optimal sequence.

Focus > Motivation > Imagery > Emotional Regulation > Mindful Behavior > Confidence


Within this program you’ll find many different concepts, models, tools, exercises and worksheets designed to increase your mental awareness and sharpen your mental skills.  Before you begin, however, there are a few things we’d like you to understand.

First, and most importantly, what works for one athlete may not work for another.  Every athlete has their own strengths and struggles, for which there are many different strategies and approaches.

When Premier’s sport psychologists are working with athletes in person, we find that many of these tools and exercises must be adapted to the individual athlete.  We also typically work with athletes on only a few different tools at a time.  Much of what is included in the Premier Mindset Program takes even the most elite athletes many hours (and in some cases, many years) to learn, to master, and to adapt to their sport.  It takes intentional practice, and a continued commitment to the process to reach their ultimate goals.  You should be prepared to revisit and refine these tools throughout your mental training, adapting them to suit the demands of your sport, and your own tendencies as an athlete and a person.

We encourage you to start slow.  Don’t try to work through every module in a single sitting, or incorporate every exercise into your pre-performance or performance routine right away.  Trying to do so may actually become overwhelming, and potentially detract from your performance.  Instead, begin by choosing one or two things that you would like to work on most, and apply the appropriate models within this system.  Once you feel you have met your initial goals or successfully integrated those primary concepts into your performances, then you can work toward refining them or adding others.  Be patient.  Sport psychology is something that takes time and practice to assimilate, and this process evolves over time with each individual athlete.

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