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Generation Z: Embracing E-Learning for Player Development

Generation Z: Embracing E-Learning for Player Development

According to the website “Growing Wireless”, “88% of teenagers between the ages of 13-17 have access to cell phones, with 91% using the internet once on their phones”.  Combine that with the increases of companies like “Hudle” which provide online platforms for athletes to input highlight tapes and watch game film and young athletes now have the ability to develop at their own pace.

What in the world of sports is out there?

  1. Social Media
    1. Talk with your kids about social media. They can be exposed to many things at a very young age especially on platforms such as Instagram and Snapchat.
    2. Branding and marketing. Your kids are also learning about how social media usage can represent who they are. Teach them how to use social media channels as a strategic tool.
  1. Highlight Tapes
    1. Highlight tapes are an archive. Many coaches and athletes use software like Statcardsports or Hudle to provide easy, mobile access on to watch highlight tapes and break down opponent game film.
  1. Player Development
    1. Many coaches are utilizing technology to track player development with in their program
      1. Weight-lifting progress
      2. Academic progress
      3. Accountability progress

How are we utilizing technology?

E-Learning platforms have come a long way since we saw them first crop up in the the early 2000’s.   These learning systems have  been primarily used  within colleges and universities, with virtually all large colleges and universities offering online alternatives for school.  We too have embraced the addition of technology to our  player development capabilities.

Our Premier Mindset Program is our first of several E-Learning programs designed to help coaches and players with their development.  As much as it is important to have hands-on, in person training, continuing to refine and develop E-Learning options will maximize our ability to reach the new millennials (Generation Z).  Allowing broad access, and providing the ability for young athletes to focus on their development (in this case, working on their mental performance) in their own space and at their own pace.


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